Fancy Ice a Cake in Minutes

Hey there,  I bet you think you can’t make a gorgeous cake in just a few minutes do you ?

I am here to share how you can, if you have an icing bag and a fun icing tip.

This cake is gorgeous, and it took me about 5 minutes to make, of course, with inexperience I expect it to take you at the most 20 minutes.

So let’s start shall we?


First thing first.  I flipped my plate over. It’s a larger platter like plate, but still has that concave middle that would make my cake uneven.

You can use a flat plate, cake round or do as I did and flip it over, just make sure your plate is finished on the bottom so you don’t chip off any of the ceramic.

It’s a little hard to maneuver, but I set my cake into my cake stand so I don’t have to lift it until it was finished.


Place your cooled cake layer onto the dish.

Use a large piping bag, you can find this one I have here. And the tip here.


Go around and around the top of the layer and fill it up.



Lay the second layer on top, you should have a nice even cake already.


Take the icing and go around the middle again, then smooth with a spatula.

Now take your bag, refill if needed, and begin to make S curves from the bottom up to the top of the cake.

Keep the curves in a line, so that they stay even.


Continue making the curves up the cake as you go around. Fill in and at the end try to fit a whole line, or turn the cake to the back when displaying it.



Now you are ready to fill the top in. Begin at the center point and make a circle shape with the icing bag.


Fill in around the first circle of icing, then fill in around that center.



You have filled in the entire top and you are done.


But if you mess up, or aren’t as perfect as you’d like to be ( practice makes perfect!) then you can top the whole thing with chocolate curls.


It’s a lovely homemade, delicious cake with your ingredients, fresh and looking awesome!


It’s ready to serve!

I like to ice my cakes and leave them for at least several hours for the blend of flavors that you will get.


Enjoy impressing your family and guests!